In an adequate period, we realized tests which involved people of two following categories:

  • Medical, technical and scientific specialists
  • Consumers

These tests confirmed us effectiveness and positive characteristics of products for subjects without specific disorders and also for patients suffering from pains to feet (specific or general). Results have been the same for both targets: excellent functionalities and ability to create new wellness and wellbeing. After a first phase of constant research and development, experimentation and testing of products, concluded with a high professional satisfaction, now we can assert that every proposals and creations can be introduced and launched in the international markets.

We put products through precise technical, medical and scientific tests and examinations, made by important professionals, scientists and operators, who also tried them personally: Neurosurgeon, Orthopedist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Gastroenterologist, Postural Specialist, Kinesiologist, Pranotherapist, Masso-physiotherapist.

We also tested products on following categories, in their working, professional or sport activities (for different ages and gender):

  • Clerks
  • Beauticians
  • Football players, runners, hunters
  • Meccanici, Idraulici, Muratori
  • Pensioners
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Lawyers
  • Employees
  • Sales Agents
  • Professionals
  • Industrial workers

PROBLEMS EXAMINED: inflammations of the connective tissue, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Norton disease, Achilles tendinitis, articular strains, rachis diseases, knee's prosthesis, pelvic imbalance, activation of blood's flow, support of tendons and muscles, sensation of tiredness, etc.

RESULTS OBSERVED: postural support, foot stabilization, constant sensation of comfort and wellbeing, positive discharging of the heel, antishock effect (also during running or during heavy works with continuous vibrations and compressions on feet), improvement of foot temperature thanks to peripheral microcirculation, improvement of blood circulation and flow of legs and feet, improvement of general physical health during standing works and activities, better elasticity and takeoff in elevation.