• ill-airsystem-antistatica
    PATENT N.0000281889

Innovative aired, energizing and elastic support system made of NSG® gel revolution and rubber

  • ENERGIZING AND RELAXING It reduces the sense of general foot, knee and spine weariness for an effective physical wellness.
  • CIRCULATION STIMULATION Physiological support, that promotes and reactivates circulation, alleviating vascular problems and cellulite signs.
  • AIR Patent system, which creates a ventilation of the entire shoe by walking.
  • ANTISTRESS It decreases the stress of the single fit and of daily foot journeys.
  • ANTISHOCK Softer and smoother fit, which absorbs shocks and avoids micro traumas.
  • POSTURE It helps to improve and maintain the correct body position.
  • MEMORY EFFECT Elastic system and memory effect, over time.
  • ANATOMICAL It helps to prevent heel diseases (such as heel spurs, tendonitis, etc.) and foot diseases (such as plantar fasciitis, etc.).
  • LEATHER Made with naturally tanned leather.
    • - Who seek comfort and wellness in footwear, for an everyday use especially.
    • - Who perform daily long foot journeys.
    • - Who have to walk for health.
    • - Who stand a long time at work.
    • - Who perform sports, professionally or not.
  • ElasticWalk Comfort System developed and supervised in collaboration with technical-medicalscientific experts.
  • ElasticWalk Comfort System ecofriendly system, totally made in Italy with noble and quality certified materials.