"We made the foot alive"

A professional Task Force as "support". The foot is the main character and the center of a sensorial and spatial system, that supports the human body both in a static and dynamic way. The structure of the foot is increasingly stimulated to its alteration on flat and hard surfaces.

With ElasticWalk the foot evolves and plays an even more central role. We preserved it and made it “ALIVE”. It is a living system, that generates NEW ENERGY and recreates a new state of general WELLNESS, mostly healthy. The focus is the creation and the development of new and innovative SYSTEMS SUPPORTS, we intend to dignify.

A team of experts cooperates in technical-medical-scientific and marketing activities, to establish a "support" system. As a team, each member offers his/her own specific professionalism, in order to share experiences and to offer a quality product. The planning involves the entire system, that stands around the foot and the human body in general. The aim is to create products, that could stand out and rise to the GLOBAL WELLNESS, basing on the research and the creation of a new balance for a greater self care.